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Marketing in the 21st Century : The Way Forward to “ Dream Society ”

The International Institute of Knowledge Management calls for abstracts to the 6th International Conference on Marketing 2018 which will be held in 11th – 12th October 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam under the theme Marketing in the 21st Century: The Way Forward to “ Dream Society ”.

Marketing as a business activity has been defined variously by various marketing scholars (see Hunt, 1976, Kotler, 2011) and by various Marketing Associations (see the American Marketing Association, 2007). However, all the different definitions reflect a common theme of marketing as a process and an activity. Marketing as a business activity is dynamic and has evolved over the years to address business and consumer needs of the period. Marketing as a thought or an area of study has also evolved to reflect changing practices and has been enriched by the continuous dialog with other disciplines.

Marketing in the 21st Century is certainly different from marketing in the 19th or even the 20th century, and one can say with a high level of certainty that marketing one hundred years from now will be different from marketing of today.

Marketing in the 21st century involves activities and processes that could not have been easily imagined one hundred years ago. One, today, talks about contemporary practices such as social media marketing or viral marketing as though they have been in existence long ago.

This conference year’s conference is dedicated to examining marketing practices and thoughts of the past and the present. It also provides a platform for bold scholars to prognosticate about marketing in the future. Thus, the conference is interested in papers that deal with, but are not limited topics such as:

  • Marketing for Children, Elderly and Bottom-of the –Pyramid
  • Marketing for Not-for-Profit Sector
  • Marketing in the Digital Era
  • Marketing, Consumption and Spirituality
  • Marketing for emerging tourist destinations
  • Innovations and creativity in Marketing
  • Sustainability, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in Marketing
  • Marketing in Higher Education
  • Marketing in Politics
  • Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  • Sports Marketing
  • Healthcare Marketing
  • Marketing in the Field of Entertainment

Marketing conference

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